Terms and Conditions

This site is owned by BLUESTORM LAVA SOLUTIONS LIMITED with offices based in, Nigeria. These terms and conditions apply to the website www.translationsataclick.com. Please make sure that you read them carefully. These terms and conditions apply to all requests for jobs from www.translationsataclick.com for the provision of its translation services.


  1. Requests for translation services


  • All requests for translation services that are made to translationsataclick.com will be subject to the following terms and conditions.
  • A contract between translationsataclick.com and a customer exists as soon as the customer has accepted a quote for the translation services.
  • The website will issue a quote for the translation services when the customer has filled in the form on translationsataclick.com.
  • The website translationsataclick.com reserves the right to decline to issue a quote for any translation services if the source material contains any material which www.translationsataclick.com believes to be offensive, or contrary to any laws.


2. Provision of Services


  • The work on the translation will begin as soon as translationsataclick.com has received the full payment as specified in the quote from the customer.
  • Customers must provide all of the information that is requested of them, and they are responsible for ensuring that all of this information is accurate and complete.
  • The website provides translation services at different turnaround delivery request times, and it is for the customer to specify which turnaround speed they would like when they order the translation. Faster turnaround requests incur greater costs.
  • The website translationsataclick.com has no responsibility to complete the translation when the word count or nature of the translation varies greatly from what was specified at the time of arranging the quote. If this varies greatly then www.translationsataclick.com will provide a new quote to the client reflecting the amount of work to be done. If the customer does not accept this revised quote, then they may instead ask for a refund provided that the work has not yet begun on the translation project.
  • The translators have no responsibility to review the quality of the source materials that have been provided. The translators have no liability to review the source material or to correct any errors or omission that appear in the source material.
  • The final translation will be emailed to the customer within the specified delivery date. All deliveries are electronic and there are no shipping or handling fees.
  • If the deadline has passed and you have still not received your translation, then please get in touch with us and someone will look into this for you as soon as possible.


3. Charges and payments


  • Customers must pay all the fees which have been highlighted in the quote before the translator will begin the work.
  • Charges for the translation services vary and depend on several factors including document length, subject matter, target language and delivery speed.
  • When the customer receives the quote all of the charges will be explained in full.
  • All invoices will be issued to the client at the email address that they provide, and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that this along with all of their payment information is correct and accurate.
  • All payments are processed through a secure third-party payment provide which uses industry standard encryption services. For more information on how we protect your personal information such as billing information then please read our privacy policy.
  • On completion of your order you will see, TAACBLTD, NIGERIA


4. Refund policy


The website translationsataclick.com will provide a refund for the customer if any of the following apply:

a) The translation is not delivered to the customer within the specified delivery date and the customer has not been informed in advance of any delays. This rule only applies when no delays have been made on behalf of the customer such as failing to provide all the information necessary for the translator to carry out the translation.

b) When the finished product that has been delivered to the client is significantly different to what was expected and outlined in the quote, for example if the finished product has been translated into the wrong language.

c) If the translation contains any errors, then the customer may request to have these revised provided the request for these provisions is made within an acceptable time period.

  • When a refund has been accepted then the customer will receive 100% of the money back from the amount that was originally paid for the services.
  • Refunds will only be accepted when they are requested and received within 10 working days of the project being delivered.
  • All requests for refunds must be made in writing and must include the following information: the job, the date that the job was commissioned, the name of the company under which the service was commissioned (where applicable), the name of the person that the invoice was billed to, the email address that was used at the time of commissioning as well as the payment method that was used to pay for the service.
  • The website translationsataclick.com will endeavour to investigate all refund requests within five working days of receiving them.
  • Customer services will promptly respond to all customers who have requested a refund as soon as they are able to.


5. Intellectual Property


  • The Intellectual Property Rights of all of the source material provided to translationsataclick.com with regards for translation services remains that of the customer and nothing in these terms or conditions transfers these intellectual property rights to the website or its translators at any time.
  • All Intellectual Property of the website translationsataclick.com and its services remain the property of the website throughout the contract.


6. Confidential Information


  • All parties recognise that sometimes confidential information will be used as a part of the services being provided but that this information is to remain confidential and will not be transferred or shared without anyone outside of this contract.
  • For more information on how translationsataclick.com protects confidential information please read the privacy policy.


7. Customer Warranties


All customers represent and warrant to translationsataclick.com the following:

a) That they own or they have all the necessary rights with regards to the source materials and they are legally able to request the translation services.

b) That they will not upload or transmit anything to the website comthat could interfere with the website.

  • All customers agree to indemnify translationsataclick.com against any or all losses, costs (including legal costs), expenses, demands or liability whether direct, indirect, consequential, or otherwise as well as arising in contract, tort, equity or otherwise.


8. Our Warranties


  • The website translationsataclick.com warrants that it has the authority to enter into and perform the obligations that have been outlined in this agreement.
  • Except as where has been expressly provided in these terms and conditions then all warranties, terms and conditions, including but without limitation warranties and conditions as to fitness for purpose of merchantability whether express or implied by statute, common law or otherwise are excluded by translationsataclick.com to the extent which is permitted by law.


9. Terminations


  • Customers may terminate a contract at any time and up until 30 minutes after the initial payment has been made for the translation services.
  • The website translationsataclick.com may terminate its contracts with clients at any time if they suspect that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions or if the customer has failed to make a payment for the goods and services.


10. Contact Us


  • If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, then please get in touch with us.



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